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Just as when playing with Lego bricks, I think that removing of all of your stuff and rebuilding in an enhanced way is one of the most appealing things in Satisfactory. The fact that you get 100% of the resources back is such a great aspect of the game.

There is one problem with the deconstruction process, though. I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome which means that certain repeated actions I perform with my fingers lead to very painful tendon inflammations. The deconstruction action in Satisfactory, i.e. clicking, holding and releasing, is probably the worst thing that can happen to me. :-/

It would be really great if there was some key on the keyboard that could be used instead of the left mouse button for deconstructing stuff. The same action on a keyboard would be much less problematic for me, and being able to use either method would allow me to swap hands during large deconstructions.
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I have been using a macro on my mouse that does this. It basically holds left mouse down for around 1050ms then releases and it repeats that until I turn the macro off. It's done amazing wonders for deconstruction for me. What mouse are you using?
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I have a Roccat Kone Aimo - the software is quite comprehensive, I'll look for something like that. Maybe I could also use my Keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Chroma) for some macro madness... No idea if the Razer software can emulate mouse clicks, but it's worth investigating, I guess.

Thanks for the inspiration - a true key binding would be the best solution, but recording a macro might be a viable workaround.
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