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When using the craft bench, it would be nice to prioritize items that you can build at the top of the list. So if I have plastic and wire and steel pipe, it should show the things that I can build at the top of the list. Once I run out of those ingredients then they don't know longer show up at the top anymore.

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Having a couple of options would be nice:

1. Default
2. Pin craftable / hide uncraftable
3. Pin to-do list items

Maybe even some kind of highlight or indication of items you’re currently automating the manufacture of.

When you start off, the crafting list is simple enough, but by the end of Tier 4, finding what you’re after becomes somewhat tedious. God knows what it will be like when I start working on Tier 5!

Also, maybe adjusting the order would be useful too.  I get that it’s based on the Tier of the item, but having all the Biomass recipes spread so far apart doesn’t make much sense, for example.

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Option already in place (good job)
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It would be nice if it would remember your selection of only showing craftables next time you access the crafting bench so you don't have to check it every time.
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