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I tried to replace my MK 1 Miner on a normal limestone node with a Mk 2 and now it's giving me "Must place on a resource node" even though I've moused over the entire thing. I've tried restarting my game several times as well as going back to an older save but it happens again every time. I can still manually mine the node but I can't place the miner

Edit: So it only seems to be this node I can still replace everywhere else even over foundations...

location  x= -8611 y= 283676 z= -995

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Can not replicate on Build 99427. Teleported my character to the Limestone node at the location given by the original posted, built a Miner MK2 on the node with very little hassle. I did have to use my mousewheel to rotate the model of the Miner MK2 slightly to get it to place, but it was able to be placed. Try placing it down again, but rotating the model with your middle mousewheel and see if you can place it. If you still can't, please upload your save to a third-party file sharing website and post it here for me to look at further.

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Feel free to check it out. I have since returned and I'm still unable to place the miner. It seems to be local to this save profile since I have no problem removing and replacing the miner in my other game in the same spot.
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You're absolutely correct, it was a glitch in his save. The resource node he was attempting to place a miner on, "Persistent_Level:PersistentLevel.BP_ResourceNode584" had "mIsOccupied" checked, even though there was no miner attached to that node. I unchecked the box and confirmed that a miner can be placed on it now. The fixed save is here:

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Thank you so much! This fixed everything.
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