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1. Make the space elevator more central to research.
    Explanation: The game is supposed to be about building a factory and the space elevator is the only research structure that allows you to pipe items into it on a belt. How can you expect people to build a factory if all the advancements are made by hand?

2. Tune machines to be more impactful
Explanation: I timed myself against a constructor. A constructor makes 15 iron rods in one minute. I make 300 iron rods in one minute. This carries through on all recipes. The benefit of building machines vs handcrafting items so minimal it makes building a factory feel almost pointless.

3. Power Slugs feel like a nice treat but are bad for the game
Explanation: Exploration is good, and being rewarded for exploring is good. But being unable to obtain overclockers by other means is extremely prohibitive. If they're accidentally trashed, or you're just somebody who wants to focus on building a factory rather than exploring you're SOL. They're the only way to make a factory actually produce anything in a timely manner, and yet they're a limited resource that are quite rare.

4. 2 to 2 belt balancer 
Explanation: Currently a 2 to 2 balancer is made from 2 splitters and 2 mergers placed in order on the belts. It's complicated and easy to do backwards by accident which halves belt output. A one block 2 to 2 belt balancer in addition to the current 1 to 3 blocks would do wonders for streamlining the clunky belting system.

5. Buildings should snap and align more readily
Explanation: Building grid free always sounds like a good idea until you do it and just, can't, quite, line, that thing up. Holding ctrl to grid snap helps, but it needs tweaking to make it more forceful and intuitive. Things currently either don't snap at all or often try to snap to something on the other side of the base.

6. Automatic Research
Explanation: The point of any factory game is automation. You can't automate when every research needs to be hand activated from either the hub or the space elevator.

The game is quite fun, but it's called SatisFACTORY. It doesn't live up to its title when the emphasis is on exploration and hand crafting.

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Lol, I requested this and keep seeing it come up smart splitters and programmable splitters are currently nothing more than glorified sorters because they don't SPLIT anything so totally agree
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Power slugs are technically an unlimited resource. If you have a few doggos around, they will bring some from time to time.
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1. I very much agree. I find myself wishing there was some purpose for large scale manufacture of items rather than (mostly) just a few hundred for building machines. (I do use a lot of plates, rods, steel beams, cable etc for conveyor belts and power lines .)

2. Machines allow you to make several things at once, make things while you explore or build, and avoid a lot of running around collecting parts and resources.

3. Lots of power slugs out there. I've collected bunches - and used exactly three power shards to date in two play throughs.

4. I haven't had much need for balancers; but the industrial storage container  is a workable - if somewhat large - solution.

5. I very much agree. I'm using almost no foundations for building pads and lining up my machines and belts can get tricky.

6. A definite no on this one. Science is not something done automatically. Especially choosing which research is priority for you.
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I should have been a bit more clear about automatic research. Picking and choosing what to research next shouldn't be automatic, but the ingredients shouldn't be hand fed to the science terminal. Having to handle the materials to advance your factory is the opposite of automation.
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