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As a part of tier 7+ I would like to see a "Weapon Bench" added that the player could use to craft weapons, ammo, and mods for their weapon. Give the weapons their own tech slots (varying number of slots per weapon type) that the player could craft mods like red-dot sights, balancers, grips, silencers, fast reload chambers, extended mags, dangling charms, paint and so on.

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This game is abut creating factory, and not shooting things !!
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Problem is, you still have to shoot things.. So Patrick does have a point. Currently, it is a pve game where you have to defend against the animals around you. Those animals pack a punch. It also depends on exactly how much the developers decide to put into this game. It could go/have many routes.
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I agree with kmarkopl, this game is not a PvP/PvE game, even if there are certain mechanics that are related to PvP/PvE. I would like to see more design and optimization of the core game mechanics before we even get into the discussion of adding things like weapons than can be customized like a Call of Duty game. In fact, personally, I'd like to see the dev team spend absolutely no time on that, and leave it up to the community to make their own in-depth PvP/PvE mods when mod support is officially polished and supported.
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