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Just me or would it be kinda cool to have a building able to harvest >SOME< of the gas for resources? The gas being produced by the alien ant towers?
Just Gotta ask what everyone else is thinking.
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I really just want to be able to destroy them so I can have that big spot in the middle of my factory in grass lands freed up
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Oh, well. Guess that to would work, even tho I'd rather like to see additions to the game and not subtractions. But I Guess the gas structures are quite the annoyance. Lowering the affective area would be nice, so we could build over them.
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It could be used in many ways, depending on the way they set the game up. it could be used as any kind of air based gad.. like methane,

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If they don't implement a way to completely remove the gas producing stone structures, I would support this idea with more content. A building of some sort that was only able to work in gas fields that produced a minimal amount of power from the gas itself would, at least, give the player incentive to explore that area.
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There are quite alot of gases used in industry. So atleast making a build able to catch some would be kinda cool.  The Gas stone structures don't really bother me, I can see how they made them as a barrier for Slugs. So All I want Is some sort of building to use the gas, not removing it. But glad to hear someone else likes the idea.
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I think a gas power generator would be a great idea. And when it is set, the area gets cleared of the gas. Especially a few of the natural roads on the map are "blocked" by gas, which is annoying (one main crossing south of the Swamp biome which is crucial for logistics).
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