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It is 10:15 am EST, we started playing on our multi-player set up at 8am. Husband went to get a few puffs on his E-Cigarette and came back to being disconnected. He looked at the server information. Service status is online but he can't join. 

This is not like an over night run. This is only a few hours of game play with the game only being up for a couple of hours. Every time this has happened we have to restart the multi-player session. 

Suggestion: we need to get a program that will allow us to set up multi-player servers. (We run two ark servers via computer, the computer: CPU - Intel core i7 6800k @ 3.4 GHz, Memory -   96gb ram ddr4, Graphics- 2047mb Invidia Geforce RTX 2060, storage- over 4t.

Similar problem but not the same: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/9070/multiplayer-session-seems-disconnect-after-hours-with-player

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Dedicated servers are on the roadmap

I have run into this issue a few times usually I (the host) has to completely exit the game and come back for the clients to reconnect, don't know the cause I just know 9/10 that has fixed my issue.
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Dedicated servers are on the roadmap here:

There are a multitude of different fixes for multiplayer connectivity issues on the official subreddit and discord.

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