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Hi, i was on a collecting and exploration tour, center on the right side of the maps edge on the big last hill there. i was scrape flying with the jetpack, after a huge stutter/freeze i got bounced hundred meters away from the hill and died by falling into the water and ragdolled true the map. there is no possibility to get my crate back. are arround 8-10 slugs and 5-7 harddrives now gone ?

my last save (i am not smart :/ ) is 6,5 h ago. but we learn from our mistakes - i hope.

btw. thanks for that amasing game, i love it !

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How about your last autosave? If you have an autosave from before your death, you can use that save. You can also upload your save via the instructions below and I can move your death crate to your HUB location.

Saves location: AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames
Can also use directions below to easily locate it: %localappdata%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames

Put your .sav in a .zip and upload it to a third-party file sharing website (Dropbox, Tinyupload, Megaupload, G Drive), and then paste the link here.

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Autosave_1 was after i died created. Autosave_0 and 2 where Days old (from Day one i start playing last Saturday ago) !
But after my death all 3 Autosave works thanks god again.

I found also my Crate now. At this Part of the Map the Water is buged and if i swim along the hill in the water from one moment to another i fall down and saw my crate below the water on the hillside.
If you want more Information on this please write back. I can make a screenshot of the Map.

From my Side all is fine now.
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I can't tell if you wanted me to fix it or not, so I did.


There should be two death crates in the air very close to you.
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I am sorry for my bad english. I found a way to collect my stuff as i attempted to explain.
Thank you for the help !
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I just found 1 Autosave and that is after i died and respawned. No Autosave before that !

Included a picture from the savegames in the zipfile


Thanks for your help !
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