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I'd like to propose allowing foundations to act as 'power lines' for machines placed upon them. There could be a wall type with a power box that you could connect an external power line to, and it would provide power to the rest of the connected factory.

This would add to the value of building factories on foundations (aside from snapping to a grid).

If allowing the foundations to transmit power takes away the need to use power poles in the beginning, maybe a ceiling tile could be placed that would have outlets that machines could be connected to.

It just feels like there should be a better solution to placing power lines inside a factory.
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Indeed! Placing power polls inside factories sounds so INEFFICIENT. If adding power-transmitting ability to the already existing foundations makes the game too easy, then adding a new type of high-tier special foundations which can transmit power would be okay. (perhaps with visual difference)
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Yea. I think it would make sense if it was some sort of foundation upgrade. Regular foundation is what we have today, tier 2 could transit power. Who knows, maybe even a later tier of something like the double thick foundation could also potentially route belts.

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I agree. Was just playing around with buildings, and routing power inside was definitely a pain:

  • Indoor space is more limited, so it's difficult to place poles.
  • I dislike cables strung over walkways, but there's no easy way to install cables at a different height.
  • There's no way to get power into a building without removing a wall first.

Oddly, cables will collide with an existing wall, but walls do not collide with existing cables.

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Or have special walls carry powercables around. In that way the machines could connect to the wall-outlet
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I had almost exactly the same two ideas for this problem as you. I threw them in a comment in this other thread, but I want it to be seen so I'll link it here as well.

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I really like this idea.

But if we don't get this, I'd like to have powerlines be able to make 5 connections instead of just 4. As it stands, you're forced to use your first connection of four to connect to the grid. That only leaves you with three meaningful connections to power things -- or just 2 connections if you're "daisy-chaining" your power grid connections down to something else.

A fifth connection would at least let you hook things up like this:
Power grid daisy chain -> Miner -> Smelter -> Constructor (iron plates or w/ever) -> Power grid daisy chain

Power lines as-is are very tedious to manage.

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