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I would like to propose a new type miner called here "X-Miner" that would consume Nobelisk as part of their operation.

As envisioned, it would have two output belts and one input belt.  The X-Miner Mk1 would be an up-rated version of the Miner Mk2, a possible X-Miner Mk2 would be an uprated Miner Mk3 and so on.

For full efficiency, the X-Miner would require a certain number of Nobelisks per minute, with that number depending on the overclocking level and the "Mk" of the X-Miner.  At maximum efficiency, the X-Miner would produce more (twice?) the amount of ore that the comparable Miner would produce on the same node, split evenly between the two outputs.

The efficiency of the miner would diminish when the amount of Nobelisk entering the miner per minute does not meet the requirements.  Even with no Nobelisks, the X-Miner would produce some ore up to the amount of a comparable Miner

It would consume more materials when built (to include a Nobelisk Detonator) and consume more power than the comparable Miner.

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MK3 miner is already in the game, and will look same as any other.

It will perform same as MK2 on overcharge 250%

And the output will be up to 900 items/min on overcharge, same as MK6 belt.
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Like the normal miners the X-Miners would also be limited by the belt capacity.

The major difference is that with the requested amount of of Nobelisk/min it would have twice the capacity of the comparable regular miner.

In counter point, the X-Miner Mk2 with the requested amount of Nobelisk would have a total output of 1800 items/min on a pure node using two Mk6 belts.   Without using any Nobelisk to improve the output and overclocked @250% it would have 1200 items/min split between the two belts.
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