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The UI in the smart (and programmable) splitters has selections "None" and "Any" on all three outputs.  Selecting 'None' on any output works okay.  Selecting "Any" works on the Center output, but selecting "Any" on either the Left or Right Outputs allows no flow.  I expected it to allow Anything.  Ie if I were to select 'Anything' on all three outputs, it would behave as a dumb Splitter.

I'm trying to use Smart (or Programmable) splitters as a simple on/off switch on a conveyer.  If I simply want to stop all flow through a straight conveyer, I can select 'None' on the Center output and flow stops.  

What I wanted to do was to put a smart splitter on a belt and use it to turn on/off a split to one side (to direct flow into a storage systems only when I need to refill it.)  But when I set the side output to 'Any' it acts like 'None' and nothing will flow into the storage system.  I can only select a specific single item to flow, but this is a sushi belt input and that isn't a workable solution.

Since the UI allows me to select 'Any' for all three outputs, I would like it to function the same way on all three outputs.
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My friend an I had the same experience. I was the host and I could interact and control the splitter but my friend had the UI bug out hard for him and was not able to get them working correctly.
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Works for me :/

I have a very long chain smart splitters sending "any" to one side only
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There are many many posts about the "smart" splitter just being a sorter because you can't put same item on more than 1 side.

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"Any" will only work on one output, currently. Smart/programmable splitters are fairly useless except for specific circumstances currently. You also cannot create an "overflow" buffer with smart splitters, for example if you set Coal to go out the middle and Iron to go out the left and Any to go right, if the coal backs up it will not go through the "Any" section on the right. It is better to not create production lines that mix items on belts. If you need to create a sorter, there are a few write ups around the official subreddit on how to create them with the tech we currently have. If you want to create a splitter that allows ALL on all three outputs, you just need to make a regular splitter.
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"Any" doesn't work on any output but the Center output.  Set the Center to any other item, or to "None", and you still can't get a functional output "Any" of the left or right.

I was very careful to write my report clearly.
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If the bug you're reporting is "Any only works on center output", I can't reproduce it. In fact, I can get "Any" to work on all 3 outputs of a smart splitter in the current build. Attached is a screenshot. https://imgur.com/kSRFVdu
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he can't get any to work on 2 outputs at the same time, is what I'm seeing because it doesn't function like a splitter is the reason.
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Because you can only select each item once in a smart splitter, as I explained above :)
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