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1.  I would like the hub to be placed on a foundation, so when I start making foundations for everything, the hub nicely fits in.

2.  I would like "smart" inventories / stores.  By this I mean when I build some storage (the large ones with the conveyor belts) I could say, only allow room for 3 stacks instead of however much it can fill.  I would also like the ability to say, keep n stacks in inventory before you allow any material to be withdrawn.

3.  An in game map.  Subnautica didn't have one and I always considered it a major flaw in an otherwise great game.  In a world with AIs and space elevators, an in game mapping tool would be quite reasonable.

4.  Some kind of vertical conveyor belt.  I would like the option to make my base tall and would like an efficient method to move material between floors of my base.

5. Farming to some degree.  You forage for food to heal yourself, it would be nice to be able to farm some of these plants.

6. Use items from your inventory or place them on your hot bar.  I would like just hit a hot key to eat food or to swap between my chain saw and xeno zapper.

The final point wish, which I consider a big one, but an improbable one, is to have a real point in feeding the space elevator items.  Sure you get tech, but I am talking about seeing a progression in some kind of project.  For example, if they were making a ring-city around the world, then as you progressed you could see the ring city forming in the sky.  Maybe at some point you could take the space elevator up to it and see your base from orbit and maybe see the whole world.  Right now, for all I know, everything is thrown into a trash compactor.  I do not get any sense of accomplishment other than the tech payout.
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2) The keep feature would be nice, but i dont have a clue what comes in the higher states.
(I hopre for some more logistical stuff, but i have hope because of the "locked panel" in some machines)
4) I think that one was on the "Plans ahead" (Link in the "Alpha test &Early acces dates" email):
The section is "Update #1 - End of April" and includes "Conveyor Lifts "

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1) De-construct it and rebuild it on your foundations.
2) watch this space for what they might release in higher tiers
3) suggestion exists   https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/215/would-be-nice-have-minimap-ability-place-waypoints-compass?show=215#q215
4)Belts can currently go up at quite steep angles - but yes, an elevator type conveyor would be nice.
5)I like it - make it a stand alone suggestion so it can be voted on!
6)Suggestion exists    https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/118/would-able-click-equip-items-instead-requiring-dragging-right

7) you're feeding the resources elsewhere - watch this space and you might find out more as the story progresses.
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I ask for a game map, not "beacons".  Just like subnatica. It has beacons and they were woefully insufficent.

Allowing items to have hot keys is in now way similar to double clicking them to use them.
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6) Quickbar is differeent from using doubleckick, so the apropriate entry might  be:
(But i also might misread the intention, it is classified as bug.)
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