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Hello, me and two other friends play with each other's worlds and we are having issues with horrible lag to the connected players.

If I'm hosting a game, my two friends (One is on the same network as me and the other is down the street) start having issues where they can't switch what is in their hand or move things in/out of their inventory and it's like there is a huge amount of packet lost. And this isn't just affecting my one friend that lives down the street but it also affects my other friend who is on the same network.

I thought it might be because of my hardware but I have,
Intel i5 7600k
16GB 2666MHz
RX 580
Samsung 970 Evo NVMe SSD

So I gave my save to my friend who is on the same network as me and I had him host it but I then had the same issues as they had and now we are stuck not being able to play on that world.

And to check to see if it has any relation to amount of items on a world, my friend who lives down the street loaded up his world and it's about the same size (game save size) as mine at around 20Mb. After about 5 minutes of playing and exploring, me and my friend started having the same lagging issues. The hosting friend was not having the issues.

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These are general, mass reported multiplayer issues. Thankfully you can connect, which is what 80%+ of the issues are. There aren't many suggestions for how to make the game less laggy, though. You can try this posted suggestion on reddit, everybody playing the save should do it:


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This fixed our issue. Thank you for finding this.
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