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Hi im quite active on the discord and especially the questions and help section.

I noticed that a lot of people are asking about how to get explosives, supercomputers, the explorer, etc. Tons of people dont realise the importance of the MAM because the game does not emphasize the amount of uses it has and how you need it to progress in the game.

Maybe add a notification on the HUD that says when there is something you could research and make sure to inform people that you need the MAM.
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Kelsey: Agreed hate scrolling past all the "complete" ones, it needs to show it researchable if it's been picked up even if it's not in inventory but I thought it already did that guess I've always had it in my inventory :) but then again I'm a bit of a hoarder.
IT seems to be the trigger to let it show up for the first time.  Once it's there then it'll remain there.

There were a lot of people who had no idea how to start the sulphur or quartz tech trees as a result of this "feature".
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I don't think the quarts and sulfur lines are required to complete the tech tree. They are just extras that can be found. For that reason, I love that they are more open and less obvious.
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I would also like some type of status line to remind me when the research has been completed.
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I would truly love to have more usage of the MAM in the late game instead of just Hard Drive scanning for blueprints. It would also add to the feeling of accomplishment in between high demanding tiers in the future.
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