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It would be nice to have a specialized building or machine that: 

  • Generates a moderate amount of biomass per minute
  • Requires unobstructed sky above it (like HUB). This is logical because sun is required for photosynthesis, and also helps with the balance, since it prevents this building from being stackable vertically, and therefore increases space requirements. Alternatively, it may require a bit of power. 
  • Requires a bit of fertilizer to operate (like 2 or 3 per minute, for example). Fertilizer can be created from biomass and, for example, limestone (this also makes limestone more useful)
  • Can generate mycelium instead of biomass, if appropriate recipe is unlocked

I think auto-produced biomass is good, because: 

  1. It allows using biomass in more recipes, essentially turning it from early-game fuel substitute to a material, suitable for fully automated production (for example, in alternate recipes for rubber and plastic, where it can partially replace oil)
  2. Makes existing "biomass coal" recipe much more useful, especially when player has no easy access to coal deposits

  3. No more need to chop down every plant near the base and turning lush jungle into a barren desert

  4. It automates manual labor of collecting wood and leaves, and this game is all about automation

Hope that makes sense.

Note: there are some other proposals regarding plants in this game (one, two, three), but they lack motivation section and detailed implementation, mostly describe nuts and berrys, not biomass.

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Meh, as you said it's been posted before, but I'll upvote yours for the content. Berries/nuts/health items will eventually respawn as well.

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I had the same idea! :D
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I was just about to post something similar.

I'm still so new to the game, but I feel so evil for just destroying the environment (even if that's the point).

I would love planter boxes or a even a conservatory building. For things like growing berries (slowly as not to be op).

Maybe it could be incorporated into researching the flora more. There are so many amazing models out there of alien flora and I find myself wondering about it. A lot of it is ignored because efficiency. Anyway, I would love to be able to occasionally collect seeds and grow mini versions and research the plants.
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You're asking to turn this in to Farming Simulator... Once you go in to farming and growing things you have to water them too. And the developers have already stated "NO PIPES!". We will never have irrigation, and as such you won't be able to grow anything in-game.
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