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Hello Guys, me and my friend bought this game to play it together. We tried joining each other but its not working. Also our HOST NAT is TBD. We tried port forwarding, deactivate sending game data, Multiplayer quality set to ultra and adding the game to the firewall settings. We are very frustrated cause we tried everything. Any Help?

Greets AdrianZ
I forwarded some ports: 7785,7768 (udp tcp), and 50374 and 64419 as udp. I also double checked the firewall. Every program that is connected to satisfactory is added to the firewall. Upnp is activated. Multiplayer isn`t working. Do u have some other ports that i can open in my router?
No sorry that all sounds correct not sure what else could be blocking, my friend hosted and I had no issues connecting to him and same in the reverse without forwarding anything we both just have upnp on...
Thats the problem. It should be working but it isnt. Thats why im looking for some suggestions for fixing this problem.
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My brother and I had the same problem, "Host NAT TBD" and not able to connect. In netstat I could see that the game would open a new UDP port every few seconds, but close it shortly after, and then start over doing the same thing. That made it impossible to port forward the ports, too. I've manually added the game to the Windows firewall as well (it never asked me for firewall permissions, so I had to add it manually).

We bought the game only for multiplayer and we're not able to play at all, which is very disappointing. It would be great to learn more about what else we can do to fix this.
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I too have the same problem. We tried forwarding A LOT of ports, changing network settings to Ultra, accepting exe-files to windows firewall.

We could see each other's games, and click the JOIN button, but after a while we get thrown out to the main menu again.

So apparently there is _some_ connection established, but not enough?
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