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- Crash first time I died, game locked up on respawn sceen, had to close and restart via. Task Manager.

-  Crash when I selected a research hard drive award "Wool to Coal" this was from the hard drive at the crash site near the really big stone bridge. Did the same a second time on same recipe. Tried a third time on a different recipe and it crashed again. Select any recipe and get a crash as soon as "Confirm" is clicked. Now the MAM is stuck and I can't research anything else.

- Glitch: Got stuck in a tree (as in inside the tree mesh and killed by the fire-breathing things)
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Had the same problem with the hard drive and MAM station...
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please put each bug / comment / suggestion in its own thread (avoiding duplicates) and use a pertenant title for each - it makes things so much easier to categorize and track
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If I am giving my feedback for free, then that's all the effort I am prepared to take. Yes, I played a game for free - but 12 hours at my normal hourly rate means that I would actually be owed a good chunk of change. So yeah, take it as it is.
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