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Can anyone help me figure out how buffering truck stations with containers helps with max round trip time, if at all. I am confused by the math behind it. Truck stations move resources by stack per minute, limited by vehicle capacity and itestack size. Containers are based on items per minute limited by belt size. Should you buffer at the loading or unloading location?

My main question is as follows: does this practice replace extra trucks on the same route. If container buffering does not help with round trip time, why do people do it?

I love trucks and want to maximize their effectiveness. Thanks for any insight.
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I use it so the truck station has room in it for the next truck run but either way I always end up with a station full and the trucks running with a full load because I can't keep up with the end product to prevent it from being full :) but like laggings said I use it so I can take from the bin instead of the truck stop as I know it's over flow :) also if I ever want to move the building nothing stops producing they just start working off the bin.

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They probably create that additional storage buffer to allow themselves the ability to manually grab stacks of the items. We're limited by belt speed currently, so with one output on a truck station you're limited to 450ipm coming out of the station no matter how many storage buffers you have after it. A fully loaded truck can deliver that amount if the trip is somewhere under the 10 minute roundtrip mark. If you're delivering two full trucks to one station, you should split it up and have each truck going to their own station. There's a bit of discussion about the numbers here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/bds2gw/trucks_vs_conveyor/

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