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We need the abilty to mount power poles horizontally to foundations. Perferably with some kind of keypress to switch between vertical or horizontal mode, so that we dont end up in autosnap-to-grid nightmare. This allows for better vertical structure power wiring connections without having to add foundations to daisy chain back and forth. Also reduces part counts and promote effecient designs and good space or footprint utilization.

P.s. I tried to add a screenshot with some red squares for placement examples, but the webpage didnt seem to like my image all that much.
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What I would like to see is a separate power cable holder for placement on any vertical or near vertical surface. (walls and cliff faces - perfect for powering that radar tower on a high peak or running a power line through a tunnel.)

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no meed for that.

power wall will make power poles obsolete in places where you place foundations.

it simply power wall will supply power trough  foundations and walls.
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I actually kinda disagree, because then you limit the creative solutions to challenges in building by saying, oh get through the tech tree. Then the game becomes a race to get through the tech tree, instead of allowing ingenuity to solve problems at lower techs as the player can then unlock things at their own pace. But i can see how the powerwall would solve a lot of needs.
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it also needs to work on a slope, mine dont snap on a slop and you have to add a flat floor to make it work on a ramp
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