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The increasing complexity of facility buildings require a new level of demolition since new milestones often force a rethinking of production concepts. Thus, I suggest a new function: Cluster deletion.

Sometimes engineers consider a restart to have everything cleared up. Otherwise they needed to tear off every single object. This can worsen the joy of playing considering how much time they spent and how much it needs to reach recent milestones.

Demolishion would be easier if you could select a cluster of objects (like selecting objects on the desktop) and then remove them with a single keystroke instead of selecting each individual object to delete.

What do you think about it? Leave a comment.
Também Gostaria dessa forma, aliás fazer uma construção grande sumir não é nada fácil.
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How would you make a group selection that only selects what you want in the 3rd dimension? Selecting on a desktop or in games like factorio is easy, because there are only 2 dimensions which your mouse can handle easily.

Two ideas for this:
1) Quick and dirty, a second deletion mode that removes the time required to delete, so that "on click" my target is removed (instead of having to hold for a second) - mouse click spam macros would do the rest for heavy deletions.

2) you can select a foundation and span a 2d rectangle along the height of this foundation. In the end, you select only connected foundations that have the same height. Once you release the button, all the selected foundations and everything build on top of them gets removed (everything standing on them) until another "foundation height" is reached, to ensure you only delete one floor of a multi floor building.
Technically this would be something like "get all entities within the selected length and width and sort them by height coordinate. Iterate through the list and remove until a foundation is reached that does not have the initial height coordinate."
i'd recommend 'cluster deletion' group selection to work as a delete schedule:
You deconstruct as normal, but as you move your mouse you add buildings to schedule.
Now, let me clarify, multiple buildings are being deconstructed at once,(just like there'd be multiple players)
Actually, it's not that difficult to develop a 3D selection.

You could hold it like a desktop mouse pointer (set point, hold and drag) and mark everything that is marked in the field of view.

Or you can develop a display like in the interactive map and use functions that clean up a certain area of the map seen from above.
I agree, even with very small tear downs it can be really annoying to hold down the button to delete piece by piece. Stackable conveyors are a huge pain to dismantle when you should just be able to do it easily. As a previous user said, a special "delete a lot of stuff" mode where you just don't have to wait out the timer would be very nice.
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