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First of all, thanks to devs for building what is a really nice and promising game; thnaks for also being part of the alpha. So far it is well polished, and I can see good things happening as it develops.

General feedback so far

  1.  no ladder climb animation, the whole character just hanging in the air, not even holding on to the ladder. Also as pretty much everything has a ladder, then this is important.
  2. stair climb animation is not there, look at the feet and they are just walking up a ramp. I question the usefulness of stairs int he game really when ramps are probably ok.
  3. Waterfalls are cosmetic - there's no actual water or physical pull/risk of stanidng in one.
  4. Water is surface only, you effectively tun on the ground underwater instead of swimming. I know it's not "Subnautica" but swimming would be cool, if there were things to retrieve/harvest underwater.
  5. Respawning with a reduced health bar is a bit shit
  6. Truck uses too much bio-fuel.
  7. Tried to pat the lizard-doggo by pressing "E", did nothing.
  8. I have done the first Space Elevator thing, current mission is to make machine frames and motors, I don't have a motor recipe.
  9. Workstation monitors don't have anything on them. If they are there, they should be configurable to show stuff. If you can select particular machines, storage, or constructors to show information about them or change what a constructor is making, etc.
  10. Rebar ammo shows sticking into the dead creatures, but you cannot pick it up.
  11. It's not clear what the alien organs from dead fire breathers are for.
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you know - this is the first post I've seen where I 100% agree with everything in it.    I know its a lot of work - but it'd be better if you could split these up individually so they can be upvoted - otherwise they're likely to get ignored....
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The alien organs question is what led me to this post, but I agree on a lot of these items.
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