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1) Vertical Splitters -  Splitters that work on vertical conveyors, or both vertical and horizontal.

2) Elevators: Everyone really seems to like building vertically in Satisfactory.  It makes sense to add a higher tiered way to travels vertically.

3) Grounded Wire - Wire that lays flat on the ground.  Connects to Power Poles, but runs under conveyors and walls, thus resolving clearance issues.

4) Scuba Suit - AKA underwater playability

5) Helicopter - If we can make a lift to space, we should be able to make at least a slow moving air vehicle.

6) Boat - Same thing for water travel.  Or maybe a vehicle that's amphibious.

7) Medical Research - Some sort of area where we could do medical research would be awesome.  That way we could increase our max HP, learn to create radiation/toxin resistances, incubators, healing pods/pools, maybe even temporary buffs

8) Bio-Research: Killing enemies and finding enemy nests could provide items that can be researched.  Research provides better ways to harvest them, ways to clone them as pets or guards, or potentially as factory parts themselves (imagining a 3 story tall mouse in a wheel).  

9) 2 Body Slots: 1 for Chest/Back, 1 for Feet.  Chest/Back could be items like radiation suit, jetpack, scuba tank, armor, etc.  Feet would be Running shoes, shock absorption shoes, flippers, etc.  

10) Conveyor Covers - covers that you can optionally put over top of conveyor belts.  Provides two effects: 1) Better framerate in high frequency areas. 2) Allows player to run on conveyors without being pushed in a direction

+1 These are all very good suggestions that I'd really like to see in the game!

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#1 Several of those have already been. Supporting existing threads increases their visibility and the chances that theses features will make it in game

#2 If I search for elevator, I'm unlikely to find this thread. Even if I do see it in the search list, I'm unlikely to click it because the title is so generic. In short, there's too many things in your threads. It's going to fall off the face of the earth as soon as it's off the first page. It's better to keep things to one suggestion per thread so that it can be easily found by those who share similar ideas. I've got several threads which are so far off the first page that there's no way the average person would ever land on them just by browsing questions, and yet, they are still getting votes added on them.
Correct, you need to split this up in individual suggestions so people can vote on them individually.  Someone agreeing with half of your suggestions, and disagreeing with the other half has no way to vote.
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1) You can connect a vertical belt to a splitter/merger.

2) You can make a ladder from stackable conveyor poles
A 'freight' elevator would be handy for vehicles (and assuming the autopilot can use them).

5) You have a jet Jet pack (with on-purpose limited usage).
Having a helicopter that can fly anywhere and land anywhere would make exploration and accessing some crash sites/slugs/somersloop/mercer way too easy.  Definetely a NO on that.
It could be a nice thing to have a flying 'vehicle' that can only take off and land at pre-built airstrips however.

7) HP is on a limit on purpose.
Radiation resitance -> radiation suit
Toxic/gas -> Gas Mask
Incubator: You want to make mini-me's ? laugh
Healing pods/pools -> nuts, berries, bacon agaric, inhalors.

9) multiple body slots just like "hand" slots to more easily swap from one body item to another.  Yes.
Wearing multiple at the same time and have the effect of both... em... no.

10) I like the being pushed effect laugh.  I can conveyor myself to the other side of the map much faster than a vehicle can (needs better corner handling).

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