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I consider the below to be two problems with the game:

The hotbar is too small. I often find, especially if you're working with walkways or walls, that you need to rearrange it often.

It can already take a long time to set up large factories, setting recipies adds an extra task to perform on EVERY building. Furthermore, if you're adjusting the clock speed, this is yet another task for every building. I impose that setting the recipe and clock speed should need to be done less.

My suggestion is a "pick block" button. When pressed, you will go into build mode, and will be ready to place whatever object you are looking at. This way, the hotbar is extended to whatever is around you.

Furthermore, if a production building is picked this way, the building you build would retain the recipe and clock speed. Think of this as a copy/paste function. Factories can be made that much faster now.

I can see a potential problem with copying overclocked buildings. Perhaps building these could cost the necessary power shards?
It isn't similar.
Try searching the forum for "blueprint".  You'll see several similar suggestions.
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