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Reloading of the nobelisk not possile. Anyhow, you can throw the noblisk which results in a crash.

Host works fine, its just related to the clients connecting.
Additional notes: The high-poly in-hand model doesn't appear, the in-map version is also invisible.
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Nobelisks seem to work fine on my end. Experimental 100692.
I can throw one, reload, throw another, explode them, etc. without issues.
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@daver18qc: Were you the client or host? If host, then that confirms it's a client-only bug.
You should state in the OP (or better still the title) that this is multiplayer.  There are a LOT of things that don't work well on multiplayer for some reason or other.

I have no issues with Nobelisk on single player.
You are right, its only affecting the 2 clients connecting to our game. The host is able to blow us 2 other players up like a charm ;-p
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