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Hello there!

A friend of mine and I tried the new experimental update. He was kinda way off somewhere far away from the base. I'm the host and got into the game okay but when he tried to join he died instantly from what seems to be fall damage by falling 1cm out of the air (cause you get spawned in the air I guess??). Either he dies or he crashes while loading (something with a "mesh rendering" error of UE4).

We tried loading the same save state multiple times. Every time he died or crashed. BUT when he died he could still place beacons and even walk around (I only saw his corpse rotating on the map, the actual movement didn't get sent to the host it seems).

Oh and when he managed to respawn he got spawned in the middle of the map (where no one has been so far!), not near the HUB and even below the map. So he's currently just dying constantly or crashing.

Here's where he respawns.

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