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Since Experimental 100692, when you pick up an item from your inventory, your mouse cursor will get centered in the item picture, making it difficult to see where the item will actually land when you release it. I actually preferred the old way, am i alone ? surprise

closed with the note: Cursor was changed back to "normal" in 100979
Yeah, I keep misclicking. I might get used to it, though.
I was on my way to report it as a bug when I could not transfer over things on the last row of a storage unit.  
I realised I could not move stuff over because of this change that makes it impossible to see where you are dragging things because the mouse pointer is centered on the "tile" you are dragging so you do not see what is below it.  
This in my opinion makes it a bad change.
I struggle many times when moving things around to actually succeed because I don't see where I am going with it.
I'd prefer if the mouse pointer stayed as it was and the item icon was simply attached to the "tail" of the cursor.  The new way isn't very intuitive.
Agreed, there are a lot of UI issues with the experimental build. It's baffling they changed the item alignment to begin with, it was perfectly fine the way it was before. It even blocks visibility of the trash icon entirely.

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Fixed in build CL#100979, it is now working as before!

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