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I found that out by accident (randomly coming across a crash site): I'm not able to pick up items placed around crash sites anymore.

EDIT: it's a specific crash site. Others work. Sent an ingame bug report so the devs have the location.

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Have you tried relogging, or even restarting the game?

Does this affect all crash sites, just one, or some of them - if so, which one(s).

How long has this been affecting you?

Is this in your own world, or are you logged into someone else's world?

If it's your own world, is someone else logged into your world?

When posting a bug report, please ensure that you include as much info about the problem as you possibly can, otherwise it's just going to get ignored...
I now found out (passing another crash site) that it's a specific crash site. Others work. So I don't know really, if this appeared before Experimental or after the update. I sent an ingame bug report (so the devs have the location of this crash site).


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Had the same problem, is it the one high high in the mountain near sulfur with one of the big hog? I also can't attack the hog there he just occasionally grunts at me and walks around, I get pushed when he walks but cant attack and he doesn't notice me in his face.
No not a high one. But I ran across another crash site with the same problem (in the Swamp, the one with 2 turbomotors needed). This crash site wasn't harvested and I'm not able to open the pod (no "use" function when aiming at it, as it is just decoration). Also I wasn't able to pick up any stuff around it (leftover alien organ for instance). So there are several crash sites and it's an areal phenomenon.

Pls vote this up, if you discovered those crash sites.
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I had the same for 2 other crash sites between the two craters south of the map (approx coords : 47, 195 (4x black powder needed) & 88, 188 (30MW needed)).

This might be an issue with gas ? Be careful you are also unable to pick back the beacon or to enter you vehicle ! Any key/mouse interaction seem to be off.
You could be right. The crash sites I found bugging were always surrounded by the stinky plants.
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