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Just some ideas on development.

1) Logistics

- Make the first Logistics unlock should be 2 way splitters and mergers, can be made as a T or a Y. Make the three-way splitters at Logisitics 2.

- Item filters that can be fabricated at between level 1 and 2 (or even level 2) so you can filter items on storage containers and on splitters - e.g. copper ingots go left, iron ingots go right, type of thing; or iron igonts go left, everythig else goes right. But the filters have for be fabricated, installed, and assigned.

- a smaller size storage crate would be handy, use tech tiers, start with 1/2 sized, then full-sized. 1/2 size can still take a conveyor feed.

- Storage capacity of a storage container is a bit small - the grid only takes 1/2 the interface, 24 slots. If you implemented the above then a 1/2 container would have 24, a full container 48.

- Can't build a personal storage crate inside your base or workshop etc. If it's "personal", then this should be a feature.

- Personal storage crate has too many storage slots, 25. A full sized container has 24. This seems a bit out of proportion. It should have maybe 12?

- Icons on the side of the storage container that tell you whats in it, it could be an upgrade. It will show the top 2 or 3 items stored, in terms of quantity, and the count of those items.

2) Tech Tree

- It would be good to be able to see a complete tech tree of what leads to what, maybe.

3) Fuel / Liquid

- I know liquids handling is massive, it depends on how much liquid stuff there's going to be in game moving forward, I understand how it's difficult and you don't want to take away from core gameplay.

- Having a "constructor" make fuel from biomass seems a bit odd - a "distiller" or "fermenter" would be better - this could be unpowered. That takes a bit to time to distill, and you pipe send it to a "bottler" to make fuel cells or something like that.

- same for when you find oil, that could to be turned into "enhanced fuel cells" or something like that.

- Different recipes to make biomass from plants, wood, and alien carapces means if you were to automate this in some way or form then you would need 3 seperate constructors which seems excessive - a "grinder" of some sort would be useful, it grinds up the plants, wood, carapaces into biomass which you can turn into fuel.

- Having to manually put bio-fuel into powerplant and vehicles is a bit tedious, a way to automate this would be useful

4) Inventory / Hotbar / Items

- You can put construction recipes into the hotbar, but not inventory items. e.g. it would be good to select a weapon, and healing, at the touch of a button instead of having to open the inventory and drag it to your hand. Especially when you are being attacked by fire-breathers, and head-butting-goat things.

- An autoloading rebar gun with a magazine would be cool.

5) Buildings

- The constructor and assembler need to show the template in the animation of the assembly, it's a generic press animation at the moment.

6) General

- I have seen other posts on this, I too am concerned about "replayability" It would be good to see new maps or worlds.
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