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So First of just wanna say, I never entered the experimental build so the bugs are from the stable version.

I can't explore anymore as my game keeps crashing when I do. And not so far from my base there is a texture grass wall bug shooting up to the "skies".

My saves: (Head towards the base to see texture bug. Move towards Dropship beacon to crash)
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I can't help but think they messed something up server side, because the build number on the main menu still matches the old "fixed joining after disconnecting while in vehicle" patch note.

Me and my partner have been playing for weeks without the game ever crashing on us, whereas today I don't think there's been much more than 10 minutes between any two crashes, rendering the game virtually unplayable.

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That is why Experimental is for testing !

You should backup your saves be for even accessing it.

The fault is on your side .
If you read my bug report correctly you would have noticed It saying I never touched the experimental build with my saves. That this happened in Stable build.
Even so, you should still back up your savegame.
You wouldn't now be in this situation.
You've probably got a corrupt savefile, and you could have reverted to a backup.
It's common sense, because at the end of the day it's still an early access title.
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