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Just like the developers did with the weapons and useable items such as healing items and weapons, why not do the same with the body equipment? Isn't it stressful to always have to change your blade runners for your jetpack whenever you need to go high or do the contrary when you will run a far distance? Or even when you are passing by a poisonous area and you really wish you didn't need to switch whatever you were using at that moment just to not take that damage?

I don't think it would be OP since the game isn't made for PvP or to be hard to kill bots like in dark souls 3 but to make our lives easier.
The body equipment should just be different slots for the different equipment. A head slot, a torso slot, and a leg/boot slot. That way you can have a Gas Mask, a Jet Pack, and Blade Runners all equipped and working at the same time. There's no reason that wearing a Gas Mask should prevent you from wearing Blade Runners at the same time.

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This was asked for in many flavours before, like this one for example:
Unfortunately it never got enough support to get a high rank and disappears in the swamps..

I would suggest to go even further: Why not just having equipment slots like any other first person or role play game. A body slot to equip the nuclear protection suit or an armor (at some point in future or as a feature suggestion), a back slot for the jetpack, a leg slot for the blade runners, a head slot for the mask and so on...
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agree  .  WE should have slots for items and armor equip (head is a head, legs is legs etc.)
Like an RPG or other games We should have a research that increases our armor Capacity. U can wear 5 weapons at once but cant wear mask and boots and jet back xd ?  . There is no logic.   Higher tiers should have moore slots.  

The same with suits. If u are near uran u need to wear hazmat suit. That's mean u cannot use jet pack boots and mask .
Whats happen if the poison area will be in radiation area xd ?

I like to run through the map and need constantly switching between  boots - and jet pack.
To be sure .  Its fine when u have a low tier.  But if you've got 7-8 tier researched really ? U can produce computers, supercomputers, atom, but u cant wear mask and boots with the same time xd ?
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Complet agree with you, didn't know why they don't do the same things for the body slot it's absolutely a pain switching every time make my mad it's PVE game after all
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I would settle for just 1 extra body slot, Would like boots and jet pack most often and switch out jetpack for poison/radiation/heat as needed.
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