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Alternate and passive (no maitenance of any kind) power sources would be nice. They would be with less power at the price of no maintenance.

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I agree. Also, I find it odd how water, in general, isn't a resource. I mean water is basically a must-have for most modern power generation. Coal plants, for instance, produce electricity the same way as a nuclear plant will, by boiling water and spinning a turbine. As of now, I fail to see how just showing a bunch of coal into a big furnace, essentially, is managing to produce power.

Personally, I would love to see water be added as an actual resource with piping. So you would have to build near water, or pipe it in, for more advanced power systems to be built past the bio generator.
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It would be nice to see water and other fluids in the game.
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For me,the places that have much water are bad optimized. If they gonna make hydroelectric energy they need to fix that first.
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I doubt they will implement hydropower. If they do it would be in specific spots. Unless they plan on adding a dynamic water feature like in Cities Skylines.
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could they use the waterfalls that are already in place to somehow create hydropower?
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There are some really nice waterfall locations that would be nice for some hydroelectric.
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coal is currently a no maintenance source..... and more power....
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@DrHardware as a starting thing, or different biome etc. Coal and Oil seems to be the "end-game" for now.
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And solar energy? That could be a green alternative.

Than, the other types of energy could pollute the air affecting the game. I have two ideas for now in case the reaches a high level:

The alliens get more stronger.

The players need a protection against the pollution, one of then could be masks.
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Nuklear will be endgame
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@cheatera - you want a no maintenance easy option for starting power? sorry - i made assumptions.
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so if they implement wind turbines they could do some kind of Biome Filtering
do not work when build inside a cave, can genereate more power if was build near the Sea.
*(some programmer) it's a great idea but it will require 120+ hours of coding to implement + tons of time to get work.
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as far as I can see, Wind Generators are at least a thing which could come. I did found an entry for Wind Generator within the Game files. Wether or not this wil be impementd in the full game I do not know but as mentioned: There are corresponding Infos specifically for Wind Generators in the experimental Build.  :-)

Engish is not my native language, please do not mind any mistakes I did in this post.

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