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Is it possible to make the cartrige easier to craft, like using only black powder instead of the very expensive nobelisk to craft it ?

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There's a alternate recipe that uses (less) steel pipe, and black powder, but it needs a crystal osscillator 'per 3 nobelisk).  Can't manually make it, needs to be done in a manufacturer.

But even the standard recipe is cheap. making beacons is basic materials that you should have in tons.  So only the steel pipe could be "problematic", but it's all just about setting up your manufacturing for those as well.

Wait till you get to the recipes for heavy modular frames and supercomputers.  Now those are "expensive". laugh

I totally agree really think they need to change the receipts may be new one with copper ore like bullet case! Made with constructor

So bullet case + black powder + steel pipe for shell = cartridges more easy to produce than before and way faster
Still, I shouldn't have to craft a pipe bomb just so I can make bullets when all it really takes is black powder and pipe.  It doesn't make any sense at all.  You want to make a cupcake? well first you have to make a wedding cake then you can cut it up and make cupcakes.
If you want to discuss the logicality of some recipes, you're opening a big can of worms :-)  (P.S. Can of worms requires steel pipe, animal organs and animal carapace).

The issue at hand here was that cartridges were "expensive"
And they're really not.
Beacons are easy, and all basic Tier 1 items which you should have tons by the time you get to the rifle.  The "challenge" here is that it's probably going to be your first manufacturer if you're going to automate this.
black powder is easy to make.
And making the nobelisk, while again requiring a manufacturer if you want to automate,  is not that expensive, the only "issue" at this point is finding a balance between making steel beams for the  Mk3 belts and Steel pipe for rotors, stators and nobelisk.

As to the logic of the cartridge... maybe... It's a pre-loaded (nobelisk) single-use, single-shot barrel (=steel pipe) in a  easy form factor.  That's why you get 4 shots in a cartridge out of 4 pipes?
Where does the cartridge come from?  Maybe it should really also need some plastic, and springs, and some paint , and lead for bullets... (I mean, if you wanted realism... :-)).

I'm going to guess the devs wanted "something" to put the manufacturers to use before you venture out to go make computers which needs a bunch of extra exploring and setup.
Or better yet, alternate recipe for caseless cartridges:  Biomass (for the celulose), Black Powder, and Iron rods.
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