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I currently have a multiplayer world, we have some storage containers stacked upon eachother(im not sure if this has anything to do with it), but it doesnt output anything onto the output belt. That is untill i go into destruction mode and hover over it, in which case it will start outputting, but not consuming the items. Basically duplicating whats inside.
Same problem here
The same with the duplication.

This problem exist for all storage containers in the current experimental branch
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Same here, but I think it is worth noting I am not the host when I experience the issue.
only a client can start the bug

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This was reported previously please upvote the previous instead of repeating posts as stated in the rules of this forum.

This issue is client opens a container it "locks" causing nothing to flow but if host then points at it and hits F but doesn't deconstruct it only has to highlight it the bin flows but dupes everything inside.
Oh alright, i tried looking for a similair issue but i couldnt find any that described my situation. But that is indeed what im expierencing
maybe give a link to the other thread, as they are almost impossible to fine
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