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I would love for this to be possible! I'm currently investigating if there's a way to run the game's netcode in a docker image, and get the stats from the game's API / platform / whatever the game has that exposes this info. That way you don't need a graphics card / powerful PC to run the game, and it would only run the last factory configuration that you saved when you last logged off. (basically it would just progress time in real-time and get stats out of it).

Then I could easily run dashboards for your material / elements production numbers, bottleneck detection, assembler optimization, energy monitoring, etc.

This game is all about automation and optimization, and there's NO WAY this can be done without monitoring. Any factory / production / assembly line has this as a MUST, it's a vital part of accomplishing the goal of the automation, so this would be an AWESOME feature for the game to have.

There are many examples where games have taken the advantage of having a "companion" app, such as Battlefield 3 and its "command centre" for example.

Let me know if you guys are working on this, or if you don't have the time / resources, please provide me with API access and I will do the rest, no problem.

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Already someone asking for an API at least in read-only mode here as well: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/5815/restapi-at-least-read-only
Dedicated servers are on the roadmap, which would allow you to do the same thing.

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AKA, dedicated server which is on the ROADMAP.
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