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So unsure if this is common knowledge, but by far the best way to use the jetpack is to mash the jump button extremely rapidly to gain height rather than just holding the jetpack. It's fine for advanced techniques to be a thing, but the difference between a reasonable thrust pattern and an optimal one is huge (to the point that it's frequently necessary to use) and it's also really annoying to perform. Could we potentially get some sort of tweak to how the jetpack handles to make it so that holding thrust to gain height gives more overall height compared to now and also nerf tapping the thrust button so that holding is (nearly) optimal for gaining height?
I agree as long as it doesn't nerf the method to travel far forward by just tapping the button
Actually not extremely rapidly, just time it properly would do.
The problem is the artificially feeling climb speed limit and lack of reduced fuel consumption once reached. Like banging our heads against an invisible ceiling that raises at a given max speed.

Personally I got a macro of repeated space spam set up just for this purpose. After tweaking the numbers a bit I reached unexpected heights..
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