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Please include the basic  xeno zapper in the inventory for if you have to respawn without the base placed. I am terrible at combat until the upgraded xeno Basher. I take 4 health minimum to kill a Hog. With the xeno zapper! Since the Hogs do not return to their original roaming patterns but camp on the death crate it is nigh impossible to get the original back, assuming you spawned near enough to find it without dying. Also doggo leaves you, meaning you have to find and tame them again, using berries you needed to refill your health.

This means I die 20 + times and it takes 2 or more Hours before I get to hub UPGRADE 2. with hub upgrade 2 i can build a smelter, run up the ladder to wait out their agro timer. Hub Upgrade 3 I can make a cage for them( with foundations) until I can unlock the xeno basher. I understand the nearly-empty health bar. I might be able to kill a hog every other life before I get a chance to find a  place to set up base with an easy xeno zapper, but the hogs will camp on the resource nodes and I cant get the resources unlock/make a new xeno zapper. They will attack you once you spawn if you died at your base before you have a roof.

I Realize I am horrible at combat, but I love this game, once I'm not dying every 5 seconds. I have almost 400 ( 394 as of this post) hours in the game over 3- single player sessions and I just wish I didn't have to ask for help to get 3 copper ore (to make the smelter/ladder) from a pure node because I can't make a weapon for the first 3 or so hours of game play.

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Git gud

Seriously though, those hogs and those fire spitters are dicks, and Ficsit are dicks for sending you down with nothing but a super short range tickle stick lol. A tip for the hogs, keep them in your sight and jump as they start to charge you. If you time it right you can basically land right behind them and smack them in the butt with the zapper. Do that a few times and they'll fall over. I realize you didn't even mention them, but the best thing to do with them is either run away as fast as you can or if you must engage them, charge straight into them to zap them repeatedly, dodging fireballs if you can on your way up to them.
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