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I was out tracking down the nearest coal deposits that were over a kilometer away from my base and along the way I found a chunk of Caterium and a chunk of Sulfur. Huzzah! Lucky me. Once I got back to the Hub I was researching things and was able to research the Caterium with no issue but the Sulpher chunk only had 22 in it and I need 25 to research it. Without looking online for maps that might help you find specific chunks or deposits, there's no way to go hunting for specific chunks or deposits to get enough to research it other than pick a random direction and hope you run across some.

Please make it so that even a single chunk of a resource will provide enough to research it if it's something like Sulfur that you need to research before you can scan for it. Either increase the amount of material per chunk, or decrease the amount you need to research it. Thank you.
Yes - this is a very annoying thing.

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If you found an impure chunk, then you may only have found a few of that item, not enough to do a research.

Annoying, yes, maybe, but probably intended.  Gives you a reason/motivation to go do extra exploration.
The problem is, without some way to actively scan for it and without knowing where some is, either through experience or by looking up maps online, you could go an entire game and never find enough to research because you keep missing it by 100 feet or just don't notice the chunk tucked off in a little corner as you're running from point A to B focusing on other things. It already requires that you get lucky and run across some by accident or by sheer luck if you're actively searching for it, there's no need to force you to get lucky twice in order to actually scan for it.
I thought chunks were always pure - I've never come across one that wasn't.
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