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This has been a bug since the May update, forgot about it as had unlocked most of the current research. Now with new content coming up the bug is still present hence the bug report.

Description: So despite putting required QTY of items into the M.A.M the begin research button remains greyed out (screenshot https://imgur.com/a/wWi7403). This means we are effectively locked at our current progress level. So far this is happening for HDD research (haven't unlocked all alt recipies) and the alien organ research - the only two research options not yet completed.

I have tried:

  1. Dismantling hub, replacing it
  2. Reloading game
  3. Have tried running the game solo (as I was host), and doing step 1
  4. Have friend (client) try step 1 while I was host
  5. Transferred save to friend. He hosted the game and we tried steps 3 & 4
  6. Disabled 'send game data' in options and repeated steps 1-5

Edit: MrMarco's suggested answer below also doesn't work, it was the first thing we tried (and tried many many times over the course of step 1-6).

"Close the window of the M.A.M and open it again. Then can you press the button. It's a small workaround about this problem."

Similar issue to in previous reported bugs (links below) however their marked solutions do not fix the error or they are locked/closed.





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Close the window of the M.A.M and open it again. Then can you press the button. It's a small workaround about this problem.
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Did not work.

Closing the window and re-opening it was the first thing we tried (like turning a pc off and on again). Plus if that was the solution then it would have worked at some point between steps 1-6 with all the deconstructing and rebuilding of the Hub. Thanks for trying though.
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