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Forget pipes, acquire tubes!

A lot of people are asking for pipes, and for faster people transport. It would be super cool to me for there to be a faster way to get between discovered point A/B and jump pads just don't have the kind of distance/thrust needed (and then you basically always have to have a jetpack to not die on arrival).

Unless the intention is to always have players ride belts like the mighty sandworm, it would be nice to see some kind of transport specifically for players, and I think tubes (a-la Futurama) would be neat.

Vehicles are cool and all, but who has the room to leave huge roads, plus they're way slower than belts.
cute idea - but aren't you then simply riding in the belly of said sand-worm? ;)
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Isn't this was jump pads + parachutes/jelly pads are supposed to be used for? ... Granted calculating the jump distances is kind of a PITA

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you mean like... trains ?

Also, you don't want to lay roads for your vehicles to ride on, but you do want to lay down a for-persons-only specific tube...  OK. :-)

And as to "who has room" for roads...  I have a  3-foundation wide road going all the way from the oil fields in the west, to the oil fields in the east crater. (and going halfway across the map north on several spots and to be extended).  Highways all over the map FTW.

Now if only I could get that buggy overclocked to 250% ;-)
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