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Will we be able to remove nuclear waste or we just have to store it?

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Looks as of the moment that you just have to make a storage graveyard for it, (I guess that is kinda realistic)
I thought you could use the "delete" function like all other items in the game.
You can't delete it.
I really dislike the idea of nuclear waste being "permanent". I mean, I get the gist of it, but with all other things in Satisfactory being infinite (you can create and remove them at will) this one thing just... doesn't fit.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have some sci-fi usage for nuclear waste instead? Or even a way to recycle it (alternate BP for fuel rods that uses waste, perhaps)?
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there is a way to get rid of it, drive a tractor full of nuclear wate into the void or jump down yourself with the nuclear waste. the only problem is that you will always see the tractor icon or loot case icon on you map because it doesnt despawn, so make sure you dont drive 20 tractors down for every little bit of waste because this will create lagg I gues.
Crate will spawn on nearest ground and vehicles also respawn when they fall out of map so neather of those solutions will actually work. And no, you will not see crate forever, as icon on map for it dissapears after you restart the game. (but crate stays where it is)
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i didnt knew that thnx for correcting me ;)
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As I heard recently - there will be a way to dispose/use the nuclear waste when they release Tier 8. Exactly what is held in mystery so far. If it just a rumor or if it holds any truth is to be seen when they release the Tier 8...
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Sending into space would be a good option :)
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I am sure a hadron collider can make use of that stuff somehow
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