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I found that droppod and other items in the poison fog, which is produced by some flowers, cannot be interacted with. I thought it would be a bug in experimental version, please check it. The bug happened in droppod PE2_DP_3_2(-56144.28125, -72864.0546879, 27668.361328), PE_DP_3_1, etc. (Droppods' Names and positions are provided by http://www.satisfactorymap.com)

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If you taking damage from the poison fog, you will not be able to interact with any thing.

You need to have gas mask on.
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I think it might be the "poison hit box" of the creatures/flowers. When you try to use explosives on them, nobelisk stay away from them just sticked in the "poison hit box". You better use gas mask or get rid of it with explosions because maybe that hit box will not allow you to do anything.
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Agreed.  The hit box may be one reason which caused this problem. On the other hand, when I put on mask, or wait until the fog disperses and make sure not taking any damage, I still cannot interact with anything. Addtionally,  One Droppod in the swamp on the east, which on a uranium ore, can be interacted normally (Not wearing hazmat suit and continuous losing health caused by radiation) .
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