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Sometimes whole numbers aren't efficient. Sometimes you need to be able to use a partial number to achieve 100% efficiency. It would be really good if, when adjusting the clock speed of any machine, we could manually type in a number out to 2 decimal places, such as 77.56, or 99.45 etc. Here's how I imagine it would work: When adjusting clock speed, sliding the scale works as normal, whole numbers. If clicking on the number and manually typing, however, you could input a number and include a decimal out to two places.

Real situation I ran into: Mk 1 miner on pure iron deposit, produces 120 units per minute. Only have it feeding 1 smelter (because reasons) which even at 250% speed is only 75 units per minute. Miner is constantly having to start and stop because it's producing 45 units more per minute than the smelter can handle which makes the power grid unpredictable and prone to shutting down as machines start and stop. Try to steady the power consumption by adjusting clock speeds so that machines aren't starting and stopping.

Running the miner at 63% clock speed outputs 75.6 units per minute, which is still more than the smelter can handle and doesn't solve our problem of the miner starting and stopping. Running the miner at 62% clock speed outputs 74.4 units per minute. The miner will no longer be shutting down but the smelter will eventually run out of iron and shut down, trading one machine starting and stopping for another, which also doesn't solve our problem. Solution? Could tinker with the percentages of both the miner and the smelter and possibly find a balance that works, but that takes a lot of trial and error OR a lot of math work outside the game. Solution? Be able to manually input a clock speed, out to 2 decimal places. In this case, a clock speed of 62.5% on the miner would be exactly 75 units per minute, keeping both the miner and the smelter running at a 100% stable power level.
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Or you could work on your OCD
It's not about OCD, smartass, though conditions like that aren't a simple "work on it" thing. You may as well tell someone to work on ignoring a gunshot wound or a severed limb. This post is about being able to create a stable, predictable power grid. When machines are constantly starting and stopping because they're backing up and having to wait to unload or because they're always starved for materials, it creates a power grid that is constantly spiking and is much harder to maintain efficiently because it's more likely to overload without warning. A power grid that looks like an EKG printout is horribly inefficient and needs to be babysat much more than if the machines can be made to run at the exact same rates, thus creating a steady, predictable draw. As it is now, a power grid might draw 120 MW one second, 73 the next, then 137 the next, etc etc etc. Because of the way the power draw is displayed it's really hard to know if you can actually add more machines to the grid safely or if its going to overload. Conversely, if all the machines are running at the same rates you can create a steady power draw which makes it really easy to know if you can add more machines without overloading. With a steady power draw it might draw 132 MW one second, then 132 the next, and the next, and the next, etc etc etc.
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You actually can use couples of miners at different clock then merge it to obtain what you need, in many case (for exemple one mk1 at 62% and an other at 63% so you get a 67,5 mk2). I guess the problem of using decimals is that would be very hard to manipulate with this user interface, need to improve it first.
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