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PLS HELP! In the EXPERIMENTAL version my base was invaded by indestructible trees. I have a bunch of INDESTRUCTIBLE trees everywhere but I can't move my entire base, because it's very large and it took me almost 300 hours to do it. So can you introduce a way to remove those indestructible trees? Something like the nobelisk, it would only need to give the trees a hitbox.

Please do something, I don't want to transfer everything this means starting all over again.. If this problem is brought in the "early access" version I would probably stop playing this title and I would be sorry and many other players too. Many other people are having the same problem as me on reddit.

(Early Access) Before:


You've been building above what was clearly a work in progress area.
Being prepared for anything and the willingness to accept it is pretty much what defines Early access, and even moreso, experimental releases.

Trying to guilt trip the developers by saying 'me and many others will stop playing if this doesn't get fixed' is just plain ridiculous and you should honestly be embarassed in attempting to even get your point across that way.

If you don't like the current iteration, play on Early access and you won't have the trees in your base.
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This is not what I wanted to say. I'm sorry if this is what my bad English has meant. It is not easy to express myself in a language that is not mine.

What I wanted to say is "if this problem is also brought into the early access version I would probably lose the desire to play and I think anyone who happens such a thing would lose the desire to play"
Anyway ... Clearly work in progress? Are you kidding? The whole game is work in progress. Like you said the game is in early access, but there is no gigantic sign "WORK IN PROGRESS AREA! - don't build here" I built there because it was the flattest place and it was in the middle of the map...so no, it wasn't clear that nobody should have built there.
This area is known as the pink forest area, right next to it is red forest.
Both these areas have up until this experimental patch had:
- no mobs
- no nodes
- holes in the ground where you could go under the map
- dev markers ( the numbers above the river)

All of this, combined with what they mentioned on the roadmap regarding 'working on end-game areas' is pretty clear evidence that the area you guys are building in was simply not finished.
if you look at any map, you'll notice that the entire map is covered in nodes, except for this area. I think that speaks for itself.
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it could also be an area where developers didn't want to put nodes or mobs. stop talking crap.
Disagreeing with me does not mean I am talking crap and your 'talking crap'-comment shows my initial comment about your attempt to guilt trip the devs was correct.
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Hi, I have the same problem
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I have the same damn problem, this pissed me off so much when I downloaded experimental, if it gets added to the game and you cannot remove the trees I'm not going to play anymore.

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You're seeing the top of the trees, you can't remove trees from the top, you'll need to take them down from the ground.

If the chainsaw doesn't work.  Try Nobelisk.

I like the base concept... nice approach yes  A Set of stacked belt loops for various items and you just branch off what you need, and drop off what you produce.

I use the same basic idea of a stair of belts to feed into my assemblers and manufacturers (and outputs so I can tweak), but I don't make closed loops, all the belts have an endpoint.  Never thought to close the loop and make a "carousel".
It would work in some parts of my factories, just too many are at or too near capacity to make it work.  Also: not enough belts for everything if you are doing supercomputers and heavy frames.

Belt speed limit must be problematic tough, unless you don't have large enough production anywhere that it exceeds belt capacity anywhere.

I need 4 dedicated Mk4 belts just for crude oil (60 refineries, waiting for belt Mk5 to enable the already built but currently dormant 20 laugh). Then 4 exiting belts for plastic and rubber (because of belt capacity, and the same issue for caterium wire of which I need several to get 2000ish caterium wire/min, and regular wire also which goes way beyond the belt capacity.

These trees currently cannot be destroyed.
Then again, building above an area of the map that was clearly work in progress may not have been the smartest move out there.
If they didn't want you to build there they shouldn't have allowed it.
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