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Loving this game; excited for trains!

... but my base is already a laggy mess.

I think there’s in inherent disconnect between the scale of the game (number of resource nodes, technologies like trains that only make sense for moving large quantities of resources, etc.) and what the game engine can realistically handle.

For instance, a SINGLE PAIR of copper and iron nodes, fully overclocked for alt iron ignot production can feed *40* foundries.

What’s the point of this giant gorgeous map if you have enough resources within 1km to melt your motherboard?
I don’t know how you fix it; I may modify my play style:
The optimizer in me only overclocked miners—why overclock a constructor when you can just build another?—but I think I’ve got this wrong. Don’t overclock the miners (to force yourself to utilize more deposits) and overclock the factory buildings (to shrink your factory). I don’t love this though :(

I worry that there isn’t enough room for optimization to ever let this game run well for factories that truly realize the rest of this game’s potential

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i should mention that the games already gotten alot more optimised in this experimental patch,

however it also got alot worse :p

- right now if i move to any area where i cant see my production / belts > my fps doubled (45-50 as opposed to 25-28 pre patch)

- however at the same time when i go to places where i can see alot of belts/machinery > my fps dropped to 8fps max from 20+

one thing i noticed in experimental:
putting walls + foundations arround everything makes a HUGE difference now (used to make no difference pre experimental)
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