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I did not know that uranium had a radio active effect.
I placed a mine then walked a conveyor belt and power line back to my base.
Placed a storage inside my base then went on exploring.
radiation has filled my base.
Cant Do anything About it. I stopped the belt. The container is Super OP with area of Effect radiation
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where did you manage to find URANIUM?! :D
I guess there should be some invulnerability for some seconds on you when you spawn at your base to prevent this.
Can you try to run fast away from the base, get food to restore HP, and get back in blazingly fast, get the uranium and run with it as far as you can? Or is it just insta-dying when you respawn?
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The uranium kills you pretty fast, and will even damage you if theres any in your inventory. Sounds pretty RIP unfortunately.
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not to mention that the area where the uranium is stored will remain radioactive for a LONG time, even if you delete the uranium. I had 1 piece make it's way to my base (thanks to a coop player trolling me) and she deleted it in my respawn. I've since moved and that spot is still radioactive after an aditional 20hrs of play. and to Cheatera, the uranium is in the arachnei cave at the bottom of the valley just past the World hole.
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