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Hello, does anyone know if slugs that lizard doggo find are "made out of nothing" or they are actual ones that i could have picked up from the map but doggo did it for me? Until now i assumed that number of slugs is limited as they do not respawn and there are maps that show where almost all of them are located. I was surprised when i got purple one from my doggo...

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The supply is infinite. No item the doggo finds is taken from the map. The item just spontaneously spawn in the doggo inventory slot, even if you lock him into a pen.
Ok... that is interesting. I have always ignored "doggo" because I have a personal vendetta against "dogs" in games as companions vs ANY other creature in the multiverse. However, my personal bias aside.. free slugs is super awesome.... maybe I will have to get a "doggo" for the free slugs.
Be aware that doggos also find nuclear waste, which you can't just drag to the trash anymore in the latest experimental. The number of slugs will still be larger than the number of waste on average. Just be prepared.
Thank you very much for confirming this for me... I already got 3 purple and few yellow and green ones from 2 doggos. I have since grown my army to 5 of them and keep them in pen made of sidewalks and small storage boxes near the hub :) Not sure how i will handle nuclear waste when it appears, any ideas how to move it away without dying, except stuffing myself with food while carrying it?
At tier 7 there's a radiation suit.

As an alternative, park a vehicle nearby and pack the stuff into it as fast as possible. You can then drive it to a safe location and use a truck stop to automatically unload it and put it into a container. If you are fast it probably costs you like 2 health bars.
nice idea with vehicle... will def try it when it happens :)
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Alternative safe way to deal with the radioactive items: build two containers connected by conveyor belt (faster is better).  Use the first container as the input and the second (or more) as the actual storage.  Now you can input into a container that's empty.
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