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I think if the new miner mk3 would be at 270 on normal ore it may help the integration of many alternate recipes, even more when you want to use two or three alternate recipes in lines. We actually have to duplicate and merge any machines but it could be a mess to divide miners by nine. And that may be a good solution to propose it easily at upper levels of the game.

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Miners don't mine at a set rate. They multiply the base output of the ore vein. If you want a rate of 270, then all that you have to do is to overclock your miner.
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we can't perfectly match 270 by overclocking (edit, Ok it's possible :) ,  nor divide any actual miners by nine. I just want a smoother output.
divide in 9 is easy.
1 splitter with 3 outputs (each getting 1/3)
split each output with another splitter into 3.
9 outputs all getting 1/3 of 1/3 (which is 1/9)

Other  than that, there is rarely a good reason to "balance" production.  Just make a single belt and branch of a splitter for each constuctor.
While the first constructor will get filled faster, if you have enough input, all constructors will be building at 100% within a few minutes at most.
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I mean downclocking miners by 3, 6 or nine is impossible. I know balancing is not needed. I try to not overflowing anything and see a perfect linear power usage. I can't find an easy solution for the quickwire line of quickwire computer, at least 15 manufacturers, it's spend too much time to build for me
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