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Will help to correctly place buildings if it's need two click like the convoyer pole and lifts. first click to place and second click to validate.
isn't that exactly what the blueprint is for as you place it? bounding boxes and everything included?
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can you explain what the blueprint ? I talk about the phantom actually used when you place lifts and poles after the first click. it's in place but not validated yet so you can walk around and check the placement.  it may be really helpfull to have it on all buildings, not for belts of course but all machines, boxes included.
With blueprint I mean when you hover a building over a position you want to place it at, you see a blue semi-transparant version of that building, which turns red if the placement is obstructed by something else.

You can't walk around this version obviously, but it's still 'something' lol
Using foundations makes proper placement easier due to the buildings aligning to an invisible grid on said foundations.
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Alright but i think we need a fix blueprint to walk around as we want, to check the placement  at other view points. If you try to walk around the blueprint is actually moving too obviously.

The flat screens we used alterate the 3d vision and i frequently place it wrong, and waisting time to dismantle and replace it 1 meters further
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