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According to the wiki Biomass can be made from alien organs but I've researched them twice and do not have that recipe. There is no more alien organ research available so I need some help on how to unlock that specific biomass recipe.

And yes, I have access to better fuels at this point, but I still want this recipe unlocked.

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Carapaces can be made into biomass. There should be a better use for these.

Organs are for inhalers.  You can burn them (directly) in a biomass burner but it can't be used to make biomass. The wiki is correct.
I actually overlooked it because it was way at the end of the list in my crafting recipes...  And I wouldn't use it anyway because inhalers are much more useful than biomass which is easy to get via other means.

You can in fact craft biomass from organs.

If you can't find it... (way at the end of the crafting list)
1) Make sure you don't still have an open research for it in the MAM. (I vaguely recall there were 2 (maybe 3?) researches for it.
2) If it's not in the MAM, make sure you have completed the milestone for it in the HUB as well.
Yeah nope. I don't have the recipe nor is it waiting to be unlocked in the HUB Milestone interface. I have completed research of alien organs 3 times. I have 3 entries in the M.A.M. that are faded and cannot be selected, which indicates they've already been completed. I have checked the Craft Bench and the Constructor menus. I even checked the Equipment Workshop to be thorough even though I knew it wouldn't be in there. I triple checked that the recipe wasn't hiding at the end of a list and it's not. I just don't have it.

Are you by chance playing experimental? I'm not playing experimental so my only thoughts are that maybe it's in the experimental build but not in the live build, OR it requires me unlocking another tech first before I can unlock that, but I have no idea what that other tech might be. I can make the inhalers from alien organs, so if it is a tech gate, it's not that one.
If you are going out to get hard drives, you can't help but get carapaces as well.
That's the point! If you get them anyway, they're a nice resource.
So turns out it was waiting for me to unlock it in the milestones, I just didn't see it because it was tacked onto the scatter gun milestone.
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