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Hi everyone, I've been playing Satisfactory for round about one Month and watching Let's plays of it for even some Weeks more. Recently I've read some of your suggestions and got also an ideas for the game myself. Here I go:

The Idea:

-> Add Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) as Crafting Material for lightwight construction purpos

-> Add Drones with cameras for remote exploration, requiring this Material for construction.

-> (Optional) Add Jetski as high speed vehicle to drive on water, for simmilar fun like with explorer but on oceans.

-> (Optional) Add armor for Players requiring CFRP.

-> (Optional)Change design of oil pumps so they have the characteristic "head" bobbing up and down like real oil pumps have, or Add Mk. 2 oil pumps which do have it.

-> Add all of it together in one milestone for tier 6 since I think tier 6 could need at least one more milestone which is not an alt recipie. Having just 3 Milestones to start with looks rather poor to me.

Detailed explanations: As a real live engineer I would really appreciate to see CFRP as Crafting Material, coz it's one of the most fancy Materials we got in reality these days. 

My idea is that you craft carbon fabric or carbon fiber from coal or compacted coal and then use it with crude oil or plastic to Create CFRP rods, sheets, beams, tubes, stringer or other building material. 

To the Drone thing: I have already seen a bunch of posts asking for drones (and consistently voted them up!), but I rementioned it here since it comes in handy with my suggestion for the new Material. Also my idea for drone using differs a little from other posts. While other ppl suggested drones mainly for highspeed transportation (which might be made redundant since trains should be really fast). 

I imagined these drones as flying medium speeded vehicles with small or non inventory for exploration purposes. Players should be able to set up the drone and then remote control it within a radialsymmetric area around the player. The player will now see the vision of the drone during controling it. The drone shouldn't be capable of interacting with the enviroment, since the player still should be supposed to climb a rock for his own, if he finds something interesting on top with his exploration drone.

CFRP should also be utilized to build high tech production facilitys as well. it would look cool I guess, since it has a quit nice texture(imho). [Don't know wether it is allowed to pass a picture by a google picture search link here]

About the redesign of oul pump: I was just a little disappointed that they do not have this funny bobbing head, coz I think it's really characteristic for oil pumps these days.

Thanks for your attention and have fun continuing this great game! Pleas leave a comment and tell me what do you think about this suggestion. ;)

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I agree with your suggestions. The possibility to have 1 drone to be controlled by the player may be very interesting for exploration purposes.

Also, everything else seems really great ideas that could improve the game a lot, I just don't know if the devs agrees with you.
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Thanks for your support sir!
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The problem is that people are judging your idea just by the title, not even reading what you wrote in this thread.
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Do you have any suggestions for a better title?
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Haven't you made same thread yesterday and deleted it ?

Also this is not Factorio , so no drones needed !!
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True, remade this post coz yesterday's post contained to muche other stuff, so no one discussed this idea in particular. Now this post is more focused.

Unfortunately don't understand your argumentation, since my drone suggest isn't about transportation. Maybe more clarification will help.
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What you think would do that to performance of the game if you had 100 drones flying.
The game is already lagging on mid tier PC, adding drones would made that even worse.
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As you could see in the detailed explanation: it's all about a single drone remotecontrolled by a player. So having 100 drones flying around won't be a thing unless you got 100 player on one Map at one time.
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